The Hague Institute to Welcome High-level Lebanese Delegation

The Hague Institute will host a distinguished delegation of Lebanese prosecutors and judges for the first high-level exposure visit to The Hague from 20 to 24 June. This visit will address the integrated use of forensics in fair legal proceedings in Lebanon. The delegation consists of the Chief General Prosecutor of Lebanon, cessation attorney-generals, trial and investigative judges, and prosecutors.

This visit intends to ensure credible forensic investigations in fair legal proceedings in Lebanon. Therefore, specialists from the Lebanese security and justice sectors will engage in expert exchanges with renowned national and international experts. The sessions will range from international best practices of the gathering and use of forensics in legal proceedings to international fair trial standards. The program also includes visits to the laboratories of the Netherlands Forensics Institute and the International Criminal Court.

Ultimately, this first high-level exposure visit seeks to develop the first elements of curricula for the integrated use of forensics in fair legal proceedings in Lebanon. Building on the expertise of this distinguished delegation, it is hoped that future generations of Lebanese lawyers will benefit optimally from the integrated use of forensics in fair legal proceedings.

This visit is part of a three-year project entitled the Netherlands Support to Forensic Capability and Uptake in Lebanon. This project is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The partnering organizations are Aktis and the Netherlands Forensics Institute.

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