A Participatory Approach to Planning for Climate Governance Adaptation

Students from The Hague Summer School gain insights about SIDS

On 27 July, The Hague Institute welcomed students participating in The Hague Summer School on Human Security, Human Rights and Development to learn about the Institute’s ongoing project on climate change adaptation. Organized by The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the students represented Latin America, North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

In line with the theme of the module, “Conflict over Natural Resources”, researcher Ting Zhang presented the Institute’s project, Governance of Climate Change Adaptation in Small Island Developing States, and focused her presentation on how climate change can be linked, alongside other factors, to conflict in Zanzibar. Through her expertise and field research, Zhang emphasized how a participatory approach to planning for adaptation can address some of the root and structural causes of the conflict.

Following the presentation, the students took part in group exercises where they devised adaptation measures for climate change related problems in various sectors from the perspectives of different stakeholders with conflicting ambitions. The exercise was based on materials from the project in Zanzibar and it was interesting to note that many of the solutions developed by the group coincided with recommendations put forward in the project deliverables.

Commenting on the visit, the students appreciated the opportunity to closely engage with the institute’s staff and to hear about some of the challenges to research and practice in the field of conflict prevention. The role-playing exercise was also well received by the group, as it provided in-depth insights into some of the real problems that small islanders encounter, and the difficulties in reconciling diverse interests and needs.

This marks the second year of The Hague Institute’s involvement in The Hague Summer School program. The institute regularly engages with university and high school students as part of its capacity building and outreach activities.

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