New Publications: Making Water Cooperation Work

The Hague Institute has released the two final reports for its project ‘Water Diplomacy: Making Water Cooperation Work. The two publications present research findings from studies in the Brahmaputra basin and the Jordan basin, respectively.

Addressing challenges of governance, a main focus of the project has been access to water and decision making about water distribution. The project’s aim of developing a multi-track water diplomacy framework could contribute to the transformation of water conflict to cooperation.

The studies in the Brahmaputra and Jordan river basins have fine-tuned the water diplomacy framework within the socio-economic, political and biophysical contexts of these bodies of water, and identified and examined key factors in water cooperation in order to formulate recommendations for effective cooperation in the future.

The report on ‘Transboundary Water Cooperation in the Brahmaputra’ can be found here, and the report on ‘Transboundary Water Cooperation in the Jordan River Basin’ can be found here.

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