From Nuremberg to The Hague

Addressing International Criminal Justice Concerns in the Context of the Response to the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Upon the invitation of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy, Jill Coster van Voorhout, Researcher in the Rule of Law Program, took part in a closed expert roundtable on developing International Criminal Justice Guidelines for Refugee Agencies in Europe. This meeting on Tuesday, 8 December 2015 comprised a first needs assessment for a possible project by the Academy that intends to address international criminal justice concerns in the context of the response to the refugee crisis in Europe.

The Academy convened a group of 12 experts – 6 international criminal law experts and 6 humanitarian aid workers. The discussion focused on fact-finding, referral and reporting mechanisms with regard to international crimes as well as on comparisons with transnational crimes such as human trafficking.

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy expects that this project would run until 2016 at least, and would be closely connected to The Hague Institute’s work in the context of ACT on fact-finding and against ‘orphan’ crimes. The project on fact-finding seeks to ensure a credible basis for accountability measures. However, the project on ‘orphan’ crimes extends beyond crimes that the ICC could try because it will encompass crimes which are often riddled with misconceptions such as the smuggling of migrants and trafficking of persons for both sexual and labor exploitation.

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