The Prime Minister of Malta's office ahead of the EU-Africa Migration summit in 2015.

Malta Summit Will Be a Moment of Truth for the Remaining EU27

The Prime Minister of Malta's office ahead of the EU-Africa Migration summit in 2015.

After an eventful year, the informal summit between the 28 EU member states to be held in Malta on Friday, 3 February, will be a “moment of truth,” according to senior researcher Dr. Joris Larik in an interview with Xinhua news.

Member states will not only have to address external developments, such as US President Donald Trump taking office, but also internal struggles that are far from being resolved, including growing anti-EU and xenophobic sentiment, Brexit and the migrant crisis.

“Either [the EU] is able to show the new U.S. administration that it is a force to be reckoned with, or it risks being torn apart by the many centrifugal forces tearing at what keeps it together.”

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