Dutch Seek Stronger Say as Team of Paris-Berlin Could Dominate Future EU Integration

Senior researcher Dr. Joris Larik has again talked to Xinhua News about EU developments, ahead of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg meeting with the Visegrad Four (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) to discuss the future of the EU on Monday, 19 June. The Benelux countries will also meet with the Baltic and Northern states on Wednesday, 21 June, a day before EU leaders attend a two-day summit to discuss Brexit.

Although there is a chance that opposing camps will form, split between countries pushing for a more federal EU and countries with a more liberal vision for the Union’s future, Larik said that the most important thing for member states is to find common ground for reform.

“Advancing European integration is made easier by Brexit given that the EU will have less energy to spend on devising special opt-outs or rebates, but tough decisions are needed to remedy the shortcomings of the monetary union.”

Coalitions will be influenced by France’s and Germany’s leadership, and cooperation between the two countries. Larik noted, however, that the EU will need more than “electoral victories with pro-European rhetoric in Paris and Berlin.”

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