The Institute’s work focuses on three strategic programs organized around key issue areas and regional focus. Each focus has a broad range of short- and long-term projects which explore a spectrum of peace and justice issues.


The EU and Rule of Law Promotion

This initiative aims specifically to develop better understanding of the EU’s role in rule of law promotion and to devise ways on how to improve…

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Working Paper Series

The Working Paper Series aims to provide an outlet for authors to make original, rigorous and policy-relevant research available publicly. Each working paper is peer-reviewed by at least two experts, one internal and one external to The Hague Institute.

The ICC and the Prevention of Atrocities

One of the founding principles of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is the prevention of mass atrocities by punishing those most responsible for them.…

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Policy Briefs

Policy briefs are short, policy-relevant reports. They offer policymakers, practitioners, scholars and the interested public research from experts, lessons learned, and solutions to challenges covered by The Hague Institute.

Enforcement of Fundamental Labor Rights

This policy brief provides an overview and an analysis of the major initiatives that aim to improve labor conditions in Bangladesh. It assesses the…

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