Water and Peace Diplomacy: From Conflicts to Cooperation

The seminar “Water and Peace Diplomacy:  From Conflict to Cooperation” was held as part of the World Water Week 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. Under this year’s overarching theme of “Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships,” the seminar is a joint effort of nine convening organizations, under which the five members of the Water Diplomacy Consortium will be present.

Managing water is often about managing competing interests between stakeholders at local, national and even transboundary levels. With increasing water scarcity and rising demand of water resources, water-related conflicts are expected to rise. This seminar will introduce concepts of water diplomacy from global to local levels, introduce approaches to manage conflicts, and highlight practical cases.

Dr. Abiodun Williams, President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice, opened the seminar. During the seminar, The Hague Institute hosted a roundtable discussion on the use of conflict resolution concepts and tools, with emphasis on conventions and legal procedures, in water diplomacy and interaction between think tanks and diplomats.


Water Diplomacy

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