Roundtable Discussion on Peace Technologies

This event was part of the “Big Data for Peace Summer School” organized by the Peace Informatics Lab and centered on the question how technology can help prevent conflict and build peace. Technology can provide peacebuilders with new opportunities to create constructive change in conflict-affected and post-conflict settings. Digital media, networking platforms and mobile tools have emerged as new ways to help break cycles of violence and broker peace.

Bringing together a selected group of international experts, this roundtable discussion explored critically how individual actors, institutions and societies can use technology to design, support and innovate in their efforts to build peace and decide on future steps for an emerging network of experts.

Commentaries from experts and practitioners:

  • Helena Puig Laurrari
    Co-founder, Build Up and Build Peace conference
  • Jonne Catshoek
    Director, Elva Community Engagement
  • Christophe Billen
    Founder, People’s Intelligence
  • Michaela Ledesma
    Co-founder, Build Up and Build Peace conference
  • David Connolly
    Head of Conflict Prevention Program, The Hague Institute for Global Justice



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