New Directions in Canadian Foreign Policy

The Embassy of Canada in the Netherlands hosted a roundtable discussion on New Directions in Canadian Foreign Policy on Wednesday, June 29th at 10:00 at the Hague Institute for Global Justice.

The discussion will feature Former Minister of Foreign of Affairs of Canada, the Honourable Lloyd Axworthy. Dr. Axworthy outlined the guiding principles shaping Canada’s foreign policy under the new government. These include: a renewed focus on multilateralism and the UN, such as increased support for peace operations; enhanced leadership on combatting climate change; revitalized engagement with the United States; and a focus on values of inclusive and accountable governance, peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity and human rights, such as the rights of women and refugees.

A discussion period followde. The discussion was held under the Chatham House Rule.

Dr. Axworthy is a champion for human security, best known as one of the driving forces behind the Ottawa Convention banning anti-personnel landmines. He has also been recognized for his pivotal role in establishing the International Criminal Court and the Protocol on child soldiers. He held a number of Cabinet positions during his 27-year political career, including as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1996-2000. Upon his retirement from politics, he was appointed President of the University of Winnipeg, also serving in numerous special capacities in Canada and abroad, including the UN and OAS.


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