Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance: Pre-Report Launch Event

Members of ACUNS attending the community’s Annual Meeting in The Hague form part of the core constituency for the Commission’s work, as it brings together both policy-oriented scholars of global governance and academically-oriented UN officials and other policy practitioners. The Hague Institute and The Stimson Center, therefore, convened a “Pre-Report Launch Event” at The Hague Institute on 11 June.

Dr. Richard Ponzio (The Hague Institute for Global Justice) and Dr. William Durch (The Stimson Center) presented the Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance Report’s chief findings and recommendations. The presentation was followed by comments from Professor Melissa Labonte (Vice-Chair of ACUNS and Fordham University) and Professor Ramesh Thakur (Editor-in-Chief of the journal Global Governance, Australian National University).


  • Dr. Richard Ponzio
    Head of Global Governance, The Hague Institute
  • Dr. William Durch
    Senior Associate, The Stimson Center


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