Illicit Financial Flows and the Widening Poverty Gap

The roundtable sought to translate research on illicit financial flows into evidence-based policy with relevance for the private sector. The discussion focused on cross-border movement of money illegally earned, transferred or used, a trend which often has negative consequences for development. Participants discussed the issue of illicit financial flows in the context of the widening poverty gap, which has increased between and within countries, even as the Millennium Development Goals have been pursued. Participants included policy-makers, representatives of the private sector, business, NGOs, academia, media, and lawyers.

European launch of the IBAHRI Task Force Report

Task Force Chair, Thomas Pogge and Co-Chair Sternford Moyo presented the report in Europe to Nicole Bollen, Head Division for International Financial Institutions from Multilateral Institutions and Human Rights Department (DMM). The report addresses tax abuses from the novel perspective of human rights law and policy. Based on extensive consultation from diverse perspectives, the expert Task Force offers insight into the links between tax abuses, poverty and human rights. The report analyses the responsibilities and remedies to counter tax abuse and delivers recommendations for states, businesses and the legal profession.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Thomas Pogge
    Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs
    Yale University
  • Nicole Bollen
    Head Division for International Financial Institutions
    Multilateral Institutions and Human Rights Department (DMM)

Learn more about the IBAHRI report

Learn more about the launch of the Report and the Roundtable

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