Distinguished Speaker Series: Joschka Fischer

The Distinguished Speaker Series invites prominent experts and practitioners in international affairs to discuss topics and issues related to global governance, the rule of law, and conflict prevention.

Joschka Fischer is one of the pre-eminent European statesmen of recent decades. In 1998, as leader of the Green Party, he took his party into government, serving as Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany until 2005. In that time, he notably supported German participation in the international intervention in Kosovo and opposed German involvement in the Iraq War.

Both as Foreign Minister and in his subsequent career, Mr. Fischer has been a leading voice on the future of the European Union, supporting – in 2010 – the creation of the Spinelli Group, which seeks to inject ‘federalist momentum’ into the political development of Europe.

Since leaving government, Mr. Fischer has worked as an academic, including at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, strategist – including at the Alrbright Stonebridge Group and leading commentator on international affairs. He regularly publishes articles at Project Syndicate, especially on European affairs, where he has called for renewed and emboldened leadership of the European project.

In his lecture, Joschka Fischer spoke on the topic “After the Crisis: The Future of the European Union.”


  • Joschka Fischer
    former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany
    Topic: “After the Crisis: The Future of the European Union”
  • Dr. Abiodun Williams, Moderator
    President, The Hague Institute


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