The Chicago Forum on Global Cities

From 1-3 June, leaders from around the world converged in Chicago for the 2016 Chicago Forum on Global Cities, of which The Hague Institute is an international partner.

Today, issues affecting global cities are driving news cycles – from financial crises and deteriorating infrastructure to increased urban violence and concerns about terrorist attacks at major international events. The forum tackled these topics head-on, bringing not just government leaders but CEOs, artists, and scholars into a discussion about how global cities are managing these challenges.

On 2 June, Dr. Abi Williams, President of The Hague Institute, participated in a panel on Combating Violence and Building Unity which addressed the following questions: How is urban violence affecting the success of cities on the global stage? How can law enforcement and communities collaborate to mitigate the damaging social costs of violence and rebuild trust with one another? How can global cities effectively balance public safety with individual privacy? What innovative approaches to data analysis, community policing, and education are reducing crime and violence? In his presentation, Dr. Williams highlighted the work of the Institute’s current project on City Responsibility: The Role of Municipalities in Conflict Prevention which seeks to examine how city municipalities prevent and mitigate violent conflict and other forms of crises in the global North and South.

Dr. Williams was joined by Christiane Hajj, Executive Director, Fundación Centro Histórico; Executive Director, Violence Prevention Program, Carlos Slim Foundation; Robert Muggah, Research Director, Igarapé Institute; and Michael A. Nutter, Former Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Professor of Professional Practice, Columbia SIPA. The panel was moderated by Edward Luce, Chief US Commentator and Columnist, Financial Times.

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