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Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

"It has been an honor to serve as Chair of the Advisory Council of The Hague Institute for Global Justice for the past five years. The Institute has quickly established itself as a leading think tank focusing on practical solutions to the consequential challenges facing policymakers today."

Madeleine K. Albright, Chair of the Advisory Council of The Hague Institute

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Our Policy Work

A Message to Policymakers

Advising policymakers is a core component of our work. We want to share our experience and expertise with you, and would love to know how to serve you better. We have our services & information for policymakers centralized here for you.

Policy Information
Current Policy Work

Current Policy Work

How Can Employment Address Rising Inequality?

Globalization has been often lauded by neoliberals for its equalizing effects. The argument follows that interconnecting the world’s economies in a global free market…

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We can help you craft better policy

The Hague Institute is dedicated to ensuring its work is practical. In doing so, the Institute works with other leading organizations to connect perspectives, build capacity and promote knowledge-based policy.

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Current Collaborations

Current Collaborations

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We craft thoughtful policy and then we put it into action.

The Hague Institute finds that collaborative governance – the involvement of non-formal stakeholders and leaders, especially at the community level, in processes of planning and decision-making – is an important component in addressing structural causes of violence and sustaining peace.

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