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The Hague Institute for Global Justice is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to shape discourse and bridge gaps between research, policy and practice on global issues at the critical intersection of peace, security and justice.

A range of projects in different areas provides analyses and recommendations to policymakers, practitioners and local stakeholders around the world.

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As the sun sets, hundreds line up for food at a transit camp near the Tunisia-Libya border. Credit: David Ohana/OCHA AVMU

Bridging The Hague – Geneva Divide

On 6 January 2017, the Group of Practitioners in Fact-Finding & Accountability unanimously concluded “Bridging The Hague – Geneva Divide: Recommendations to Maximize Benefit…

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Our Policy Work

A Message to Policymakers

Advising policymakers is a core component of our work. Our research staff carry out a range of projects that aim to assess and improve the way policy is discussed and implemented.

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Current Policy Work

Current Policy Work

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We can help you craft better policy

The Hague Institute is dedicated to ensuring its work is practical. In doing so, the Institute works with other leading organizations to connect perspectives, build capacity and promote knowledge-based policy.

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Current Collaborations

Current Collaborations

Active: Global Governance Reform Initiative

The Global Governance Reform Initiative (GGRI), a collaboration between  The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Observer Research Foundation…

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Future Force Conference: Fostering a Rule of Law Culture

The Hague Institute uses its convening power to encourage high profile discussions on important topics and conversations. On 9 and 10 February, the Institute participates in the Future Force Conference, organized by the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands.

10:30am at Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands See more
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Think & Do

We craft thoughtful policy and then we put it into action.

The Hague Institute finds that collaborative governance – the involvement of non-formal stakeholders and leaders, especially at the community level, in processes of planning and decision-making – is an important component in addressing structural causes of violence and sustaining peace.

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