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Recognition for Jurisdiction: A Bold Move to End Impunity for the Atrocities in Syria

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24 Apr 2014  Senior researchers Dr. Eamon Aloyo and Dr. Joris Larik published a new commentary in a Washington Post blog (the “Monkey Cage”). In it, they point to a possible way for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to gain jurisdiction over the situation in Syria. 

The 3D Approach: Diplomacy, Defense & Development

24 Apr 2014  |  by Raoul Bessems


On Tuesday 22 April, The Hague Institute resumed its “Inside View” series with a panel discussion on The Effectiveness of Dutch Foreign Policy: Defense and Development. While the first three sessions, held at the Institute in 2013, focused broadly on foreign policy, the 22 April event examined the relationship between defense and development cooperation.


Exploring Transnational Governance & Democratic Legitimacy

Photo: Hague Institute
18 Apr 2014  |  by Raoul Bessems


On Wednesday April 16, The Hague Institute in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for International Relations – Clingendael, convened an expert meeting to explore challenges related to the democratic legitimacy of existing processes of transnational governance. The basis for the conference was a set of five working papers prepared by researchers from Clingendael. A group of 25 experts on transnational governance provided valuable feedback on these papers.


Moving Away From Fossil Fuels

18 Apr 2014  | by Ting Zhang


The latest climate change report by Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases emissions require an urgent shift to the use of zero- and low-carbon energies. The IPCC is the most authoritative figure when it comes to climate science and has provided solid scientific basis to confront and convince policy-makers.


The Hague Institute Staff present the Institute at the College of Europe

The Hague Institute Photo
16 Apr 2014  Dr. Joris Larik, senior researcher in the Global Governance Program, represented the The Hague Institute at this year’s careers roundtable of the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, College of Europe. 


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